Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Semester Starts

Emei Rain

Is it rain
or just mist?
Asked again
can’t resist.

Water flows
Spirits fall
Mold grows
On drywall

Where’s the sun
Dark five days
Ain’t no fun
No good phrase

Mountain tears
For the insane
Been two years
Won't complain

Welcome back for another semester at Southwest Jiaotong University - Emei Branch. We returned a week or so early and found the starting date would be the 23rd of February. About a week after we returned, Sunee had to return to Thailand as her brother-in-law suddenly passed away. He was a year or two older than me. Kinda makes one think.

Sunee is still in Thailand and is expected back on the 14th of March. In the meantime classes are now in full swing for the semester.

I currently have two courses with five sections total. I teach the second semester Freshman Writing and the continuation of the Newspaper and Journal Reading course. Both are well on their way. I will blog some events that happen during the course of the semester.