Monday, October 22, 2007

Emei Market Share

We walked down the road in our little town
To the market of fresh produce from all around.
We took our black cart to help us with our harvest
Of fresh vegetables and lovely fruit at their best.

The market was a colorful blend, a tasty spread
From bright pumpkin orange to fat tomato red,
The green white green of the onions and leeks
To the deep purple of the eggplants’ cheeks.

Green beans, daikons and hot peppers abound
Fun to discover what new plants can be found.
A strange looking root, all covered with hair
Brown and long, what it was I couldn’t swear

A strange looking plant gave us a quick pause
“”Great for the stomach” when asked what it was.
A lady came by and explained how to eat it
She made it sound good so we decide to commit.

At the first corner on the left was a beautiful sight
Red spices and mushrooms and the guy quite polite.
The mushrooms were “woodears,” different sizes.
Too expensive! We passed and looked for other surprises.

Along the lanes we walked among the buyers and sellers
Mingling with our fellow Chinese Emei Mountain dwellers.
There was much to see and more to buy but our cart was full
Loaded with vegetables, fruits and spice it was hard to pull.

We take a walk to this great market at least once a week.
If you have some extra time and want some pleasures to seek,
Come join us as we walk among our local village friends.
We guarantee you will be smiling, as the morning ends.